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We welcome new patients to Family Psychiatry Center!


        Patient Information

We are currently offering In-Office & Telepsychiatry appointments.

1. For patients that would prefer a telepsychiatry appointment, please confirm with your insurance that it is included in your plan's coverage. If it is excluded from your plan coverage please tell our front desk staff and they will help schedule in-office appointments.
2. Please confirm your initial assessment or follow-up appointment at least one day prior to your appointment, except Monday appointments, which will be confirmed on Friday. 
3. For New Patients, or patients with updating their insurance information: Please call our office (916) 647-4044 and our front desk staff will email you (by a cyber safe & secure HIPPA compliant method) the correct form for you to fill out on your phone or computer. Prior to your first appointment Patient information forms need to be filled out completly. More information about HIPPA can be found here on this PDF.
All of our forms are also available to fill out in person at our office. Please bring a valid photo ID and current insurance card(s).
3. New Patients: Please make a list of your current medications so you can discuss them with your doctor.
4. Payments for co-pay/co-insurance/deductible/balance can be made by debit or credit card
over the phone and at our office. Receipts can be printed, emailed or texted to you. Payments can be made in cash, debit, credit and personal check. Returned personal checks are charged an additional $30.00. 
5. Patients are kindly expected to give us a 24 hour notice for any cancellations, otherwise we will be forced to charge a $125.00 fee. We discharge patients from our clinic after three consecutive no shows.
6. We accept out of pocket payment and several different insurances, which include:
Blue Cross of California
Blue Shield 
Magellen (Blue Shield HMO & Western Health Advantage)
TriCare Select
We may also be able to work with insurance companies on a single case agreement.
7.  If you wish to have your records sent to us, or need us to send out your records, then please fill out and sign our Disclosure of Health Information and send it back to us.
Family Psychiatry Center                                    Confidential Fax: (916) 647-4290           
9370 West Stockton Blvd, Suite 130
Elk Grove, CA 95758                                                 
                       If you have any questions please call our office: 916-647-4044                                                                                   
We are open Monday  -  Friday 9am-6pm.
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