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" Dr. Le is a kind doctor. The office is a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease. The front desk staff are kind and caring. They are so empathetic when I break down and cry. Overall, it is a very healing atmosphere."

- D. C.

"My son has been seen by Dr. Banga for over three years for deep depression, stress and bipolar conditions. His treatment consisted of consultations concerning his conditions and appropriate drug treatments. Dr. Banga has always been available when required. His experience with physiological and mental treatment has eased some of my son’s issues. He continues to have an open mind on new treatments."

- R. R.

"It's important to trust your doctors and I trust Dr. Singh. I started seeing him so I could taper off my medication after having a stroke and I liked his approach. I would recommend Dr. Singh and FPC. Psychiatrists are like doctors for your soul."

- N. H.

"Dr. Banga and his staff always made me feel attended to and well taken care. They are friendly, attentive and have great customer service skills all around."

- K. H.

"Dr. Banga and his compassionate staff have dramatically improved my quality of life through ketamine therapy.  When my primary psychiatrist referred me to Dr. Banga for ketamine therapy for my depression, I was really struggling.  My depression just would not lift.  I had tried Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation but had to stop because of an unexpected side effect.  I was considering Electroconvulsive therapy.  I was cautiously optimistic about ketamine therapy, but it has truly turned my life around.  Depression can feel like a bottomless pit; Dr. Banga and his treatment have allowed me to not just stop the freefall of despair, but have provided a ladder for me to climb out of the darkest recesses of depression.  I need to stress that it is not merely ketamine that has caused this change, it is the holistic nature of Dr. Banga's work and the full support of his entire staff.  I still take daily antidepressants, and may always do so, but I am able to feel joyful emotions and be fully present in my day-to-day life.  I no longer feel numb.  My sense of humor has returned.  I am able to start planning and working toward a fulfilling future, something that I struggled and failed to do on medication alone.  This is not an overnight fix, at least not for me.  Over months, my family and friends have seen a real change in me and that has been the biggest reward.  They say they see the "old me" come back.  I say this is a better version of me; I feel stronger, more resilient, and more hopeful. 


Dr. Banga is a treasure--I have never met another doctor like him.  He is genuinely caring, professional, highly skilled, truly kind, deeply dedicated to patient care, and thinks outside the box.  When I was at my most vulnerable, Dr. Banga and his staff went out of their way to ensure I felt safe, informed, and in control of my treatment.  The staff at Family Psychiatry Center are the best there is.  They are so responsive and caring and act with integrity.  They are always warm and welcoming, compassionate in their treatment, and take time to answer all of my questions and concerns.  They have navigated my tricky insurance and advocated for me.  When I think of all they have done with me, with such kindness, I cannot help but cry."

- R.R.

"Dr. Banga is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable psychiatrists I have come across in my adulthood. I have been a patient for over three years. I came to him for help with my depression as it had become debilitating and unmanageable on my own. I could not see myself with a future. I have been battling depression for 30+ years. I have been on just about every medication there is. I have been hospitalized three times, have had ECT and TMS and nothing had seemed to help until I came to see him for ketamine treatment. I'm not saying that ketamine has been a cure-all, as I still see two other providers (a LMFT for psychotherapy and another psychiatrist for medication management). But with his help and expertise in the field of ketamine treatment, he has truly made a difference in my overall well-being. I have been stabilized for the past three years and have had no major relapses. I have been able to return to work full time and to care for myself. For anyone out there struggling with their depression who has not had success with medication and/or other treatment options, I would recommend contacting his office. Dr. Banga's office staff are always very friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to handling appointments, and insurance and financial matters concerning your future/current ketamine treatment."

- D. B.

"It was refreshing to see that Dr. Banga wanted t know my whole psychological and psychopharmacology history. He also wanted certain physiological information, as it would pertain to his future suggestions for medication.

During our sessions, he listens carefully to my feedback and has made really good decisions on any needed medication adjustments. If necessary, he will request blood or urine tests to make sure there aren't any negative physiological side-effects.

In my opinion, he has a really in-depth knowledge of drugs, and most importantly, he will tell you some of the finer reasons and effects of the ones he adds or changes.

The entire front desk staff does a terrific job of smoothing out the communication between Dr. Banga and me. I found their reliance on "regular-old" phone calls, faxes and appointment confirmation texts/emails a much better alternative to other offices' reliance on "patient portals", which are often buggy and are constantly changing their user interfaces. And of course, they're all really nice each time I call them, no matter how stupid the reason."

- A.I.

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